Pet Photography

How do I become a pet photographer?

Pet photography is about capturing the lovely, humorous and creepy photographs of your pet animal. What makes pet photography different from wildlife photography is that pet photography is always about domestic animals. It is not just about capturing pictures; and it takes dedication and passion not only towards the job you are also doing towards your pet. In addition, it requires a great deal of patience. Sometimes you may have to wait for hours for a good picture or pose you may be hoping meantime. Likely, you may not get that, which you weren’t expecting. You have to train your pet to look at the camera. It is always the combination of patience, passion, and dedication. Becoming successful at working with furry friends is a tricky thing. Always try to know more and more about your job, the nature of your job. You are observing your pet animal and their behaviour and how they react to every situation and environment. Even if anything goes wrong, you have to take care of it, which is not easy.

What skills do you need to be an Animal photographer?

As mentioned above, the key ingredients for being an animal photographer is the magical combination of patience, passion, and dedication. Learning more and more about your subject always makes the job very much more manageable. You will have to know the secret behind seeking the attention of your pet. Professional photographer Robyn Arouty says: “Whether it’s a noise from your mouth, your throat, or it’s coming from a squeaky toy, by the third time, that noise is going to become extinct.” So you need to know what is required to get the attention of your animal. In simple words, an animal photographer must have a set of artistic, technical and interpersonal skills. The photographer wants a killer eye for capturing the animal’s uniqueness in a picture that can describe the animal; he should be good with technology as the photographs should be worked on specific software. Finally, they must listen to the Clients to know about the picture they need to be captured.

How do photographers shoot dogs?

Among all the pet animals, dogs are lovely, funny and cute animals to be captured. It could be tough to capture an excellent picture of a dog because of its unpredictable, quick reflexes and movements. But it can be easy once you learn how to make your pet comfortable in front of a camera. Always choose a place that is comfortable for your pet. If you intend to take portraits, then a good time would be when they are sleepy or have just woken up from a sound sleep. If you want to take dynamic action shots, you should choose when the dog is most energetic. Each dog is unique; find its uniqueness, and it will be so much easier if you can find out what brings him certain expressions.  If you want your photography to be natural and good, you should choose the perfect environment where your dog is comfortable and happy, Not some strange places where they may feel uncomfortable. These tips mentioned above can help you with dog photography.

How do you take professional pet pictures?

First, you have to find a good environment to take pictures to make it as you planned. Like clear, all the things that you think can grab the pet’s attention badly, which results in ruining your picture. In other words, you have to declutter. You have to feel like the pet animal and imagine what makes it express your hope for your shoot. Be a flexible person because you may have to bend and twist and stretch a lot because Cute pictures always require crazy angles. Choose a place with good light. Because when it comes to photography, proper lighting is almost everything. It would be best if you had a good light setup. Always natural is the best because, unlike humans, they may not feel good to be in a studio where it feels like a strange and scary place, affecting their mood and ruining your whole plan. And finally, take it slow, you don’t have to rush or anything. Most pets are always very reflexive, and they tend to react to all of your fast movements. So take it slow and be quiet because even the little sounds you make may make them make a quick move. So be calm and slow. These can help you take professional pet photographs.

What settings should you use when photographing pets?

Photography is about capturing the moment. So you need to freeze the moment by increasing the shutter like 1/125 of a second is a fair speed and select an ISO range from 100 to 400, depending on the weather. The focal length you choose depends upon how much near you are to the pet. It would help if you were stable to make your picture blur-free. And you may need another hand with making your pet do all the actions you want him to do. So focus on taking the pictures and let the latter help you with the pet actions. Try to shoot from their eye level, which will make the photo more realistic. Continues shooting mode would be better if you look for multiple shots and don’t settle, so Fast Click and keep shooting until you get your desired picture.

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