Portraits are the pathways to pleasant memories, and we make sure you truly relive it in all its glory through first-rate portrait photography. We go above and beyond to capture each person’s essence, mood, and personality into a lively portrait that speaks volumes. Our expert photographers make sure your portrait is embellished with perfection, from leveraging the optimal lighting to identifying the most suitable background.

PhotoBangalore provides excellent service for hd portrait photography in Bangalore and has an in-house team consisting of some of the best portrait photographers. They have decades of experience in the field. It is not only talent and experience that makes a great portrait, but the equipment as well. We know that very well, and that is why we use imported high-end equipment powered by the latest technology for our photography. We have never compromised on the quality, and we never will. Our customers vouch for it without any second thoughts, and that has been our greatest achievement. We’ve been providing the finest black & white and other, HD portrait photography services in Bangalore for a decade and will continue to do so. This not a mere claim but a guarantee from PhotoBangalore. Want us to snap some great portraits of yours? Then, pick up that phone and ring us now.

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Who we are

We are a group of skilled and passionate photographers offering an awe-inspiring service of portrait photography. We are leading the photography industry by churning out compelling images that put a smile on your face, fill you with immense joy, and bring back the fondest memories of your life. To do this, we use our years of expertise to identify the perfect background whenever we shoot outdoors. We also make sure that we light up the environment with our proficient knowledge of lighting for portraits. Our ability to capture each person’s essence and mood into a lively picture by studying their characteristics through expression analysis.

We provide portrait photography services in and out of Bangalore. We bring versatility to our work by specialising in Black and White photography, headshot photography, studio portrait photography, baby portrait photography, environmental and business photography. We have the experience and the skill to capture the best in you and make it stand out to build your brand, to capture your best moments, or treasure your loved ones.

Founded by a group of photographers, PhotoBangalore is a portrait photography blog dedicated to providing tips on portrait photography. We have the best portrait photographers in Bangalore who have decades of experience in this field, from Black and White portraits to baby portraits. They will guide you on all the latest technology needed for capturing that perfect shot. We use imported high-end equipment powered by the latest technology, and we promise you that you will feel the difference when we take your photos.

Perfect Compelling and Composition:

In photography, the composition can mean many different things, depending on who you ask and their background. The general rule of design is that you don’t have to follow it in every case. Still, if your comps are weak most of the time for whatever reason, then you should probably do a little reading more about it and try to develop your skills in that particular area. We, here at PhotoBangalore, find the perfect composition for each of our portrait photography, directing the viewer’s eye into the story/statement you want to convey.

Display of Emotion:

Portrait photography in general, be it may take studio portrait photography or business portrait photography, is about capturing you and, along with it, what you’re trying to convey. The slightest change in features of a Black and White photography session can make a photograph timeless and a true masterpiece. We have designed a custom-built camera that effectively captures people’s emotions with the touch of a button. The camera’s unique design allows for it to be carried just about anywhere. On top of that, it captures photos from your loved ones’ favourite memories in full colour and at a very high resolution. We focus on constantly upgrading ourselves, both in tech and in skill. We bring the latest trends in headshots, Black and White photography, outdoor photography, etc. in Bangalore.

Capturing Amazing Iconic Moments:

Whether it is a photograph of someone on stage at a concert or a person kissing a bride in front of an elaborate altar during a wedding, iconic moments are probably the most popular trends among photographers these days. These images can be pretty trendy, and they can make your photographs stand out from the crowd. We specialise in capturing the moment in all its beauty and making it timeless.

Perfect moments are not planned but are captured when they happen. With our experience and expertise in the field, we capture the best expressions and moments in candid with the perfect setting.

Unique Colour and Lighting:

Colour is determined by the light source and how it interacts with the subject. In photography, this means that to get the best colour in your image, you need to understand the role of colour temperature. This handy guide will transform you from a purist who only shoots in RAW to an artist who can make adjustments on the fly and create images that reflect your taste.

Lighting is pivotal to every amazing photograph. At PhotoBangalore, with our extensive experience in the field, we set up the perfect lighting in our studio for portrait photography, ranging from Black and White photography to family portraits. We also find the perfect lighting and use it to our advantage in outdoor events such as environment photography.

Unique perspective:

Getting the perspective right in a photograph is always a challenge. We tend to shoot people from our perspective when we should be more aware of what it’s like to see the world with someone else’s eyes. It’s exciting if that other perspective comes from a very different age group. Although children are notoriously naughty and will happily run off at the first opportunity, making them sit still long enough can reveal some of the most exciting poses.

Portrait photography is all about featuring you in the best way possible. We, at PhotoBangalore, not only work behind the lens, but we actively help our clients find their natural poses and make them feel at ease. Black and White Photography is one of our specialities where we focus on the intensity of what’s important; you. The images we capture are timeless and evergreen.


The best image of yourself is the closest to the real you. Portrait photography services we provide are leaning on capturing the uniqueness of the person and capitalising on that. Headshots, studio portraits, business portraits, modelling portfolio, Black and White photography services we provide are all focused on this point. We specialise in finding what’s best for our clients and identifying potential poses and expressions which suits you.


We strive on being the best at what we do. For that, we constantly upgrade our tech to the best for providing the best images. We use imported high-end equipment customised specifically for each niche. We use specialised teams and tech for each photography service we offer. Our equipment is customised to provide the best lighting, resolution, colour, sharpness of the image, etc. and use different pieces of equipment for outdoor events such as outdoor photoshoots, and environment photography and indoor events.

Frequently Asked Questions
Portrait Photography

Simply put, portrait photography is capturing a person’s identity through an image. We capture all of the features of a person and highlight unique characteristics to make them stand out among the masses. Having a nice image, expressing yourselves in your best will give you a huge advantage in today’s competitive world.

Many professional portrait photographers in the market specialise solely in portraits of weddings, and such events. But, we at PhotoBangalore, carefully research and update our style and expertise, to a wide range of options. 

There is a whole world of differences between shooting for a wedding and an executive meeting. We provide professionalism at its best in every event and approach each event according to its nature.

We don’t believe in someone being un-photogenic. Here, at PhotoBangalore, we don’t promote rigid poses and age-old cliches. We want to capture you, in all your uniqueness. We focus on your features, even the slightest ones, that make you stand out and capitalise on that. We are experts in making you feel free and find your natural pose, and capture an image that will change your opinion on being in front of a camera. 

In portrait photography, we believe in capturing what’s real. We specialise in finding and building your unique brand through your image. Everyone is beautiful, we just have to make the world see it. 

No, there is no such limit for your portrait photography session. But, we would like to know how much time we may have to dedicate to you. Normally, the sessions often last 1-2 hours, depending on the location of the shoot. We’ll be charging extra for sessions lasting longer than that.

Of course, you can bring as many outfits as you want. But, we recommend you to limit it to 2 or 3 outfits. We can always provide our expertise in selecting the best outfit for you if you have trouble deciding what to wear. Trying multiple outfits is feasible in the studio, but it’s a different story for outdoor shoots. Depending on the location, there may or may not be any changing rooms, and hence limiting the options is better.

No. We want you to try as many poses as you feel comfortable, to have ample options to select from for your portfolio. We will suggest several poses, that seems to be in your taste and which is comfortable, and which helps to get the best version of yourself in the frame.

Yes. Clients can choose the location of their shoot, according to their requirements. We suggest the first place to be the studio, so you can comfortably change the outfit for your outdoor session. 

We would like to help you whenever we can. If we have free slots in our schedule, we would be more than happy to accept. But, if there is any prior reservation, we might not be able to help. It is always better to plan and book early. 

We understand that your headshots and portraits may be needed urgently. So we make sure you receive your images as fast as possible. The average time taken for the complete processing and delivery of portraits is a week. 

It depends on the type and duration of the photoshoot you are looking for. The price is fixed after knowing such factors, and detailed billing will be provided covering all expenses, and there will be no hidden charges.

You will have access to your images for advertising, marketing, updating social media accounts and dating profiles. But, we will retain copyright to the images. The images may be used in our online platform, to show our future clientele. If you’re uncomfortable with your images used for marketing purposes, we can discuss other options.

Sure. We provide our services to other locations, such as offices and events, 

for branding purposes. We have completed many corporate projects, where we cover the entire office experience and employee headshots.

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