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Hello there bride to be! We understand how much a wedding day is important for you. Also, that’s how much significant it is for you to have the best photos of the day. With our extensive experience as a wedding photographer and our dedication to serve our customers in a best possible manner, we provide the best and unparalleled wedding photography services. We truly understand it’s not every day when you got married, so it has to be special. When it comes to the planning of your wedding day , the wedding photography has a very important role in it.


Choosing a best wedding photographer to plan your big day is a bit confusing a requires some pre planning’s and idea . Wedding photography is important as it is a means to cherish the happy moments of your big day for a life time. Wedding photography is not only restricted to a single day. Pre wedding photography and post wedding photography are the new trends in photography now a days. An ideal and professional pre wedding photographer can creates wonderful photo session that can be cherished for a life time. Photo Bangalore is the best choice for the best pre wedding photographer in Bangalore.

Post wedding photography session is also another new trend in photography today. Every couple is unique and have different likes and ideas about their wedding day. At Photo Bangalore ,you will get professional and talented Bangalore post wedding photographer at a very affordable rate. Contact Photo Bangalore today to know more about our wedding packages. Moreover, about the offers to make your wedding memorable and to cherish for a lifetime. Contact Photo Bangalore , you will get the most ideal and well professional Bangalore pre wedding photographer and Bangalore post wedding photographer.

Wedding photography Services

Traditional candid photography is recognized as the conventional method of taking formal photos . Traditional photography is that type of photography with pre planned posing styles and direction. In traditional wedding photography the order of the wedding sequences is conserve with pre planned photo frames.

Gone are those days where the family members line up in front of photographers to get their photo clicked in a wedding or a function. Now a days traditional wedding photography is being replaced with candid  photography . It is very true that an unexpected clicks can creates a magical moments to cherish for a life time.

Wedding photographers and soon to be newly weds are now more interested in drone wedding photography . Drone photography makes a 360 degree aerial view and captures of the best memories of your big day. Capturing the intimate moments of couple from the air creates more challenging and magnificent pictures than close-up portraits .

Every couple who is going to get married now prefers for a pre wedding photography . Pre wedding photography is also known as pre engagement photo shoot and is usually done about six month prior to the wedding day . Pre wedding photography is all about capturing the romance and beautiful emotions in a spectacular outdoor location .

Post marriage photo shoot focuses on capture the love bonding between the newly wed couples. The love and bonding between the couple increases after marriage and it makes the photos more realistic and natural. Post wedding photography is now very common among couple now a days.

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