We offer high-quality photography services to cover all kinds of events. So whether it is a birthday photoshoot or a graduation party, we have all kinds of equipment to cover all types of events.We have a special team for corporate event photography Bangalore and for other events. We the use of high-quality equipment Photo Bangalore will provide you with the event photography service which is nothing but the best. So if you have an event coming by, all you have to do is to contact us and book an event with us. We have various packages for you to choose from. We are proficient in our job and a strong believer in customer service.

An event is made glorious with a touch of expert hands, we bestow a personalized style of corporate event photography Bangalore with a magical and stunning finish. A creative beauty in capturing the most challenging and eye-pleasing moments becomes a memory of a lifetime. Embrace the beautiful moments with a soul in each picture being taken heavenly. A corporate event requires a major share of professionalism which is done by the most adept event photography Bangalore. A photo becomes magnificent when it has a natural charm in it, we create the most remarkable pictures without insisting on anyone to pose.

What is said about us!

A highly motivated and enthusiastic team of experts who have excelled in photography are an asset to our company. We create signature works with the best candid shots, by bringing the outcomes as per the needs of our clients. A properly managed event organizer fulfilling the expectations of the clients by careful detailing of their requirements with open communication brings the best images possible. We help our clients to cherish and recreate their memorable moments through our photographs. We help to grow your business with the best event photography which traces the requirement thereby making a prominent place in the corporate world.

There are always some moments in life we wish were forever. We, at PhotoBangalore, helps you to realise the dream. We are a team of professional photographers with years of experience in the field and a passion for clicking amazing photos. PhotoBangalore cover all type of events, from birthday photo shoots to corporate events, and we provide our services in and out of Bangalore. We bring a level of sophistication to each of our projects unmatched by others in the field, which makes us best at what we do.

 Corporate events need professionalism in the images and the service provided. We will be there for the essential parts of the event and capture and immortalise it. There are certain things to consider while hiring a photographer for your esteemed event. It’s not just about clicking specific photos back to back. The work should be in rhythm with the entire event capturing each highlight just as you narrated a story. It’s about being there to capture the perfect moment as it happens without disrupting the flow of the event. It’s about capturing the event in its entirety and narrating the entire event through the captured frames.

 Our team at PhotoBangalore is an experienced professional with years of experience in corporate event photography in Bangalore, granting us the flexibility and expertise to cover projects and events of varied sizes and scopes. We add a personalised touch to each of our projects, making each project unique and our best yet. We work closely with our clients to plan the programme’s specifics and ensure that our visions align. We have the resources and the team to cover even large functions lasting many days. We can provide our services according to the client’s requirements to ensure you get the most service value.

Corporate Events Photography

We understand each event’s distinction and how much effort and investments are being put into it. Our team well acknowledges the need for professionalism and specific standards. Our years of experience in handling such events have rendered us perfect for such projects. We bring a level of sophistication to each image and hence produce quality images from a unique perspective. We provide our corporate event photography services in and out of Bangalore and specialise in covering business meetings, conferences, award ceremonies, headshots, etc.

Birthday Photography

Birthdays are one of the happiest days of our life. We are all unique in our way, and this is the day to celebrate it. The best way to spend our special days are with the people we know and love. So, let’s capture each of the days and make it timeless. Our team at Photobangalore specialises in covering all kinds of birthday parties, including 1st birthday shoots, pre-birthday photoshoots, kids birthday photoshoots, and cake smash photoshoots are of our popular services.

Family can come in all sizes and shapes. Be it may, celebrating your child’s birthday or your favourite pet’s, Birthday Photoshoot team of PhotoBangalore are experts in capturing the day in all its essence for you to look back a couple of years down the road. Pet birthday Photoshoot services in Bangalore, such as dog birthday photoshoots, are provided by our team.

Event Photography

Our team covers all types of events; You name it, we do it. Event Photography is one of the cornerstones of the principles we uphold at PhotoBangalore, to become the best at what we do. We specialise in capturing formal events such as corporate conferences, business meetings, award nights and ceremonies, and informal events such as graduation parties, birthday photoshoots, coming home parties, baby showers, etc.

What makes us different

Our experience: 

Corporate event photography, including meetings, conferences, etc., are what we call a one-shot event. That is because there will be no chance for redos, and photographers have to be at the right place at the right time as events transpire.  With decades of experience handling such events, we are well prepared and intuitive enough to click the perfect images. We adjust our methods, lighting, and tech according to the size and scope of the event, making us experts in handling events without the need for supervision. 

 An event photographer must capture the essence and experience of the event and make it come to life. We intend to present the highlights of the meeting in all its professionalism and intensity to create the branding experience you envisioned through the programme. We excel in creating a life-like viewer experience in our projects. 


Tech and Equipment:

We don’t compromise in quality. We strive to be the best in the field, and for that, we stay updated and use high-end imported tech and equipment. We are ready to take on any events and approach each project with great vigour. We use personalised equipment suited for each event to get the most out of an event. Combined with our experience, modern tech can do wonders for your corporate event and informal party images.


Vision and Creativity:

The events you conduct align with the brand value you need to establish. We, at Photobangalore, share your vision for the event and the brand of your company. Vision and creativity help us approach each corporate photography event most aptly and capitalise on the “iconic” moments and the spontaneous moments with our creativity and skill.

 We also understand that for every event, be it a corporate photography event or a birthday photography session, the purpose of taking images is distinguished. For a professional event, the required shots are different for the planners, sponsors, and attendees. We provide a portfolio of well-balanced images according to your requirements that is “share” ready for your online campaigns and publicity. We make

Frequently Asked Questions
Corporate Event Photography

We specialise in covering a wide variety of events. We capture the key moments of every event with utmost perfection and professionalism. We cover events such as corporate functions, ceremonies, conventions, etc.

Yes, we have skilled photographers specialising in corporate photography. We focus on having a workforce that is one of the best in the field to provide the best service to the client.

At first glance, it might seem that hiring a local photographer is more convenient. But, we think that experience and professionalism ad the quality of work matters more than a location for capturing an event. We’ve provided or services to many business events, and you can visit our website to see some sample images. You can read some of the reviews posted on the website by some of our happy clients.

It depends on the event being covered. We would like to showcase some pictures in our portfolio for future clients on our website. But we understand that not all type of events may be appropriate for sharing, and hence we are flexible on the ownership and the usage of the images.

In this digital era, we know social media plays a huge part in any event. Understanding the need for uploading the event highlights in social media as fast as possible, we provide images of the key moments of any function shortly after the event. This will ensure the client gets to showcase the event online quickly.

We, over the years, have covered many events, from award ceremonies to conferences. With an experienced team in corporate photography like ours, there is little need for supervision, and you can put your trust in us to capture every key moment of your function. Please visit our website to see some of the images taken by our team.

It depends on the specifics of the event. During the consultation, we can specifics of the event, such as the duration of the event and the amount of coverage you’re looking for the event. Then, we can determine the number of photographers that will be necessary for the event.

We specialise in capturing candid moments and make them timeless. We provide a versatile style of photography to adapt to each event. We constantly upgrade our tech and style, to stay ahead of the competition, and to provide the client with the best service in the market.

We know that handling photographs of celebrities and famous speakers should be done with utmost care. Our team, at PhotoBangalore, is highly experienced in handling such events with famous personalities and has delivered amazing results every time. We handle events with the utmost professionalism.

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