Wedding Photos a Photographer Should Click

Are you excited about the wedding you are going to photograph? For beginners, it can get very intimidating to catch every important moment of one of the most important days of the client’s life. Moreover, there is a huge paradigm shift in the way people view wedding photography. Gone are the days with cliche wedding photos and orchestrated random wedding couple photos.

People now require realistic memories of their wedding in a way that captures the essence. While photographing a wedding, it is essential not to miss any of the important events and poses. This article will explore some of the wedding photos that a photographer must click at a wedding. These are essential parts of any wedding and include wedding portraits, candid wearing photography, funny wedding pictures, wedding decorations, etc.

Photographs of Minute Details

Weddings are a celebration of love, and each moment of that can be beautiful and memorable. You can find beauty even in the minute details, and there should be some images featuring that in the wedding album.

You can include the beautiful smile of the bride, ornaments, the bride and groom’s accessories, the bouquets, etc., in the wedding album.

Photographs of Getting Ready

The getting ready pics of the bride and the groom are a must-have in every wedding photography. You can get many fun moments and moments of happiness during the sessions, including the ones with the bridesmaids and with all the jokes and laughter.

Photos of Hair And Makeup

The hair-do and makeup are one of the best moments to get the best wedding photos. You get to capture the first look of the beautiful bride and the groom and narrate the best wedding story ever.

A few hours into the wedding, it will be difficult to get amazing pics of the couple as they will be tired and may look dull in the photos.

One with The Family

Weddings are not just the coming together of two people, but also the coming together of two families. You can get images of family gatherings with parents, siblings and cousins. These are special moments and deserve to be captured amazingly. This can add an emotional touch to the wedding and can provide amazing candid wedding photographs. This applies to the families of the groom and the bride. It is necessary to balance taking pictures of the families and their interaction with the bride and groom.

Individual Portraits of the Bride and Groom

Wedding photography has to focus on the happy couple but not necessarily together. One needs to showcase them individually in multiple poses and angles and capture their beauty in all its essence. Standalone candid wedding photographs are the norm now, but you can experiment with the angles until they feel comfortable and feel at ease posing. You need to bring out the best in the bride and groom and find the perfect poses if they have no prior experience in photoshoots.

The Royal Entry

The royal entry of the bride and the groom is one of the grandest of all the wedding photos you can take on the day. It is the dream of everyone to walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress/ suit on their special day with flowers or palanquin to accompany them. With perfect lighting, and an amazing background laid down along the aisle, you can set up a visual treat for them to look at a few years down the road. There are many customs around India for the royal entry of the bride and the groom, and each has its uniqueness and grandeur. It is the photographer’s skill to capture each moment at its best on such occasions as these are one time events and can’t be repeated.

Wedding Venue Photographs That Have Been Decorated

It will be a shame if the beautifully decorated venue and the environment haven’t been showcased as they play a vital role in the wedding. The setting, the lighting, the seatings, the colours and the lights make up for a heavenly ambience for every wedding, and such photos can be an amazing background and standalone photographs on their own if needed. The venue holds sentimental value for the couple and can be great if you could capture it.

Candid Photos Were Taken After the Wedding

After tying the knots and the necessary traditions, you can finally get the married couple’s shots for the first time. Once the wedding ceremonies are over, it doesn’t mean the end of the photoshoot. You can capture more romantic moments in the post-wedding photoshoots.

It can be anything from usual conversations, laughter, soft kisses, the couple holding each other, etc. You can easily get unique poses that fit the wedding narrative you are trying to tell.

Cute Moments with Kids

What makes a happy moment like weddings even cuter? The little ones. You can capture cute images of the toddlers and the kids on the wedding day to add to the wedding album. You can even put the kids with the bride and groom to get amazing candid wedding photography images. The innocent smile of the kids make the picture all the more special, and you can capture the image of the bride and the groom at their happiest mingling with kids.

Dance and Entertainment

Wait! The wedding isn’t over yet. The celebration part of the wedding begins even before the wedding and continues after the official function. You can get rare shots of the family dancing and having fun throughout the day if you’re sharp enough.

These are the best moments to get candid pictures of the family members when they enjoy themselves with their loved ones. You can also capture the interaction of the family members and the bond they share with the bride and the groom during the celebration and the festivities.

Such moments are way more valuable than orchestrated family photos that are clicked after careful alignment of everyone. These pics capture the day and the feelings of everyone in their most natural form, which makes it all the more special.

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